Month: August 2019

A multi-language WordPress blog with WPMU

Right from the start I wanted to have my blog in two languages: Romanian and English. So I’ve started to look for plugins and other solutions to accomplish that. To

Search Engine Optimization through CSS

Few years ago, when CSS itself was “the new wave” in web design, when most of the web pages used tables within tables within other tables to be able to render a

The blog number 100.540.327 was, finally, born

Meaning the blog you are reading! Obviously, I don’t know if the number is correct – mathematically speaking there are 99.9999….. percent chances not to be, but that doesn’t matter

SEO better performance through CSS content positioning

As I’ve written in a previous article called Search Engine Optimization through CSS, some very good search engine optimizations can be done on a page by using the power offered by