The blog number 100.540.327 was, finally, born

Meaning the blog you are reading!

Obviously, I don’t know if the number is correct – mathematically speaking there are 99.9999….. percent chances not to be, but that doesn’t matter anyway, it’s just a way of saying a new blog was born in the endless of the blogosphere.

If it will be read, by whom, when and where… we’ll have to wait and see. One thing I’m sure of: there were so many moments when I wanted to be able to share an idea, a thought, a feeling, a big joy or a great sadness, a web script or a photography… so, in the end, I decided that it was probably the time to get this blog started.

So much for the reasons behind this blog, the rest we’ll reveal one post at a time, to those who we’ll have the pleasure or non-pleasure to read it.

Who am I? Read here!

What I will write about? I’ll write about the things that I like – good people, thoughts more or less joy-full, movies, books, music, web, swimming, photography, architecture, design, programming and many more things that I love – and probably about things I don’t like – you we’ll have to find these out for yourself.

I’ll write some post in Romanian – because is my native language and it allows me to express my ideas with maximum accuracy, some in English – because it is the universal language of the Internet (and, probably soon, the international language) and I want some posts to be read by anybody, no matter what language they speak… and because I like this language a lot. And other posts will be in both languages (I’ll write a post about the solution I’ve chosen to have both English and Romanian versions of the site).

And… wait and … read!!!